Welcome on this site on BEST AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES for reducing the NUTRIENT EXCESS
as described in the F2F Action Plan 2020 of the EU issued spring 2020 in the framework of the Green Deal.

The aim of this site is to provide farmers, advisors and suppliers with practical information on how to reduce fertilizer use while maintaining or even improving yields. This is feasible by the application of 4 R Nutrient Stewardship with plant nutrients from recycling or from renewable resources. This is what is named in the Netherlands Smart Fertilization and can be practiced with all types of technology, from low tech to high tech and with inorganic as well as with organic fertilizers.

Smart fertilization is placement at the right time, at the right rate, in the root zone of plants, of nutrients recovered from side streams or produced with renewable sources.

This site is under construction.   Please find the relevant part of the F2F Strategy document below.